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Hair Care for Thinning Edges

By Qhemet Biologics
A number of factors can influence how full and dense a persons hair is. In this article, we'll review the causes most often implicated in the loss of hair density along the hairline.

What Causes Thinning Hair?

Thinning hair is characterized by hair that has fallen out and does not regrow. Many women will experience thinning or patchy hair, particularly around their hairline, at one point or another in their lives. Here's why:

Hormonal Changes

If you are pregnant, have recently given birth or are experiencing menopause, the hormonal changes your body experiences may have a negative effect on your hairline. Many women experience a normal amount of hair loss post-pregnancy, but these changes can appear more dramatic given the hair gains made during the nine months prior. Why do women who are pregnant grow more hair? Pregnant women produce more estrogen, which causes the hair to be thicker, stronger and more lustrous. When estrogen production decreases and all of that extra hair begins to fall out, it can cause the hair to feel drastically thinner. The good news is that post-partum shedding generally only lasts a few months at worst after which your hair should begin to recover. To encourage growth and keep your hair from shedding more than it needs to, we recommend the following healthy hair tips.

Traction Alopecia

This type of hair loss is the most prevalent cause of thinning or bare edges among Black women. It is most often caused by tight hair styles, hair accessories and firm hold edge gels that dry out the hair along the hairline to the point that the hair breaks off. When too much pulling or tension is put on the delicate hairline, the hair follicles become inflamed and too damaged for the hair to regrow. For many women, this type of thinning can lead to an unhealthy cycle of using wigs and extensions to cover up thinning hair which leads to more thinning as the hairline is continually stressed. Over time, traction alopecia can actually evolve into scarring, which seals the hair follicle permanently and irreversibly. Because of this, it's critical that women who experience thinning edges change their hair care routine before it's too late. We know this can be difficult when you're experiencing thinning hair, particularly if you don't know how to fix the problem other than to cover it up. Now is when you need to commit to changing course and leave those destructive hair care practices behind.
When braiding, twisting or cornrowing your hair, be sure to allow some give to lessen the tension. Ditch the hard, firm hold gels that flake and crack and stick to your hair and pull it out when you try to remove it. Use plant-based products that contain healthy hair and scalp ingredients that can help soothe your inflamed follicles and repair your damaged scalp, alleviating flakes, tenderness and redness. 
Be sure to avoid using low quality products that contain ingredients like mineral oil, SLS and silicones that can coat and strip your hair, stunt its growth and further damage it.

Chemical Treatments & Heat

If you were initially in love with your newly straightened do but then noticed your edges becoming thinner and your hair becoming drier and brittle, you are not alone. Applying relaxers to your hair, particularly if your hair was already strained and damaged, can exhaust your hairs last defenses and slow its natural recovery process. Similarly, heat is a major culprit in thinning hair. Heat damages the hair shaft and leaves it brittle and dry, whether you are using a blow dryer or a flat iron frequently. While the best thing you can do for your hair is ditch the harsh chemicals and avoid excessive flat iron use, we know these can be difficult to abandon completely. For tips on how to heat style your hair the right way, check out our article here. To give your relaxed mane the extra help it needs to withstand harsh chemical treatments, check out our product recommendations for chemically treated hair.

The Solution

Our carefully curated Moisture Collections contain nutrient and moisture-rich products that are designed to nourish the scalp and revitalize dull, dry and damaged hair, keeping it soft and supple for days. These Collections are formulated for extremely dry, high and low porosity hair and slow growing hair.
Thinning edges can also be addressed using single products like our Castor & Amla Nourishing Pomade, a 100% plant-based hair and scalp treatment that contains castor and amla oils to nourish follicles and stimulate growth.
Our Tea Tree & Lavender Therapeutic Pomade is the perfect solution for itchy, flaky and tender scalp conditions. It contains soothing coconut and castor oils along with Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils which possess flake fighting, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.
Address extremely dry and high porosity hair with our Amla & Olive Heavy Cream. This powerhouse moisturizer contains olive and castor oils to keep your hair continously moisturized to prevent breakage and preserve length. It also contains ayurvedic herbs like amla and brahmi which are traditionally used to strengthen the follicles, reduce shedding and boost growth. 
Those with thin or low porosity hair can benefit from our Burdock Root Butter Cream. This lightweight moisturizer will keep your hair soft and hydrated without weighing it down. It's chocked full of healthy scalp herbs like burdock root and nettle leaf to condition the scalp and combat shedding.
When brushing your hair, always use a soft bristle brush. When combing your hair to detangle it, always use a wide tooth comb and coat your hair in a rich, detangling conditioner like our Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee. Give your hair a rest from daily manipulation by choosing fun, natural styles like 2 strand twists that you can keep in for several weeks or these won't excessively pull and tug on your edges.
Making these minor but necessary changes to your hair care routine will go a long way in revitalizing your hair and giving your follicles and hairline the reprieve it needs to thrive and grow!




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