Natural Hair Products Created With Superior Ingredients

It's unfortunate that many hair products tend to be drying to the hair, cause buildup with prolonged use and may even cause damage. This is one of the reasons we founded Qhemet, to create high quality products with plant-rich formulas that actually work without damaging the hair or scalp.
If you look at the list of ingredients in typical hair care products, you'll see a number of cheap, low quality ingredients that dry out the hair, forcing you to compensate by piling on even more products in a futile effort to retain moisture. So, instead of spending a small fortune every month on products that aren't thoughtfully formulated, why not use the best from the start?

Our Paraben-Free Product Offerings:

Qhemet creates some of the highest quality products on the market to give your hair everything it needs to flourish and grow. You can try our paraben-free hair care products individually or pick up a set to start your journey towards long, strong, healthy hair, today! 
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