Clean Hair & Body Care Created With Superior Ingredients

When we founded Qhemet almost 20 years ago, we wanted our formulas to contain high quality, plant-based ancestral ingredients that work to nourish, nurture and restore afro-textured hair and scalp. Today, Qhemet in known for creating some of the highest quality products on the market. We specialize in supplying extremely dry hair, slow growing hair and 4C hair with the moisture and nutrients it needs to flourish and grow. 
Likewise, Qhemet products are thoughtfully formulated to contain clean, science-backed ingredients to enhance their conditioning, detangling and moisturizing properties. 
As a clean beauty brand, Qhemet is committed to excluding the use of the naturally occurring and synthetic chemicals (fully or in unacceptable concentrations) found on the lists below of substances banned in cosmetic products:
● Ulta Beauty's Made Without List.
● Sephora's Clean At Sephora list of excluded ingredients.
● Whole Foods Beyond Clean Beauty list of 180+ banned ingredients.
● California's Proposition 65 list of naturally occurring and synthetic chemicals known to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.
● California's Toxic-Free Cosmetic Act list of 24 toxic chemicals in personal care products and cosmetics.
Natural hair is beautiful and even moreso when you're using superior products to care for it. If you look at the list of ingredients in typical hair care products, you'll see a number of cheap, low quality ingredients that dry out the hair, forcing you to compensate by piling on even more products in a futile effort to retain moisture and stop the damage. So instead of spending a small fortune every month on products that don't solve your hair issues and aren't thoughtfully formulated, why not use the best from the start?
Check out our clean beauty offerings below to jump start your journey towards long, strong healthy hair and superior bath & body care. 
Check out our Healthy Hair Journal for more in-depth information on how to establish a healthy hair care routine.