Tea Tree & Lavender Therapeutic Pomade
Tea Tree & Lavender Therapeutic Pomade
Tea Tree & Lavender Therapeutic Pomade
Tea Tree & Lavender Therapeutic Pomade
Tea Tree & Lavender Therapeutic Pomade
Tea Tree & Lavender Therapeutic Pomade

Tea Tree & Lavender Therapeutic Pomade

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The Soothing  + Anti-Itch  + Anti-Flake Pomade!  

Our 100% vegan, mineral oil-free and petroleum oil-free pomade combines the pain relieving, anti-itch and anti-flake power of Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils with the soothing and moisturizing power of Coconut oil to help relieve tender and itchy scalp, combat flakes and strengthen roots!

What it does:⁣
• Instantly soothes tender, irritated scalp⁣
• Alleviates itchy, flaky scalp
• Keeps scalp fresh & healthy under protective styles & strengthens roots⁣

Best for:⁣
• All hair textures & porosities
• Itchy, flaky scalp⁣
• Tender, irritated scalp⁣
Ancestral Ingredients:⁣
• Tea Tree Oil - helps alleviate flaky scalp⁣
• Lavender Oil - soothes & relieves tender, irritated & itchy scalp⁣
• Coconut Oil - keeps scalp healthy & strengthens roots

NO mineral oil • NO shea butter • NO lanolin • NO silicones • NO hydrolyzed protein • NO drying alcohols • NO dyes • NO sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) • NO parabens • NO triclosan • NO formaldehyde donor preservatives • NO phthalates

Natural Remedy for Dandruff

Our Tea Tree & Lavender Therapeutic Pomade contains therapeutic medicinals that have been used for centuries to heal and repair skin and scalp conditions. We have carefully curated the ingredients in this product to treat the itching, flaking and tenderness that results from poor scalp health, using low quality products, slow growth, tight hairstyles and protective styles. By combining coconut and castor oils, Vitamin E and tea tree and lavender essential oils, we have created a mineral oil free pomade that provides instant relief to a tender and itchy scalp while reducing flaking and supporting growth to keep your scalp nourished and healthy.

Ingredients: Coconut oil has been used therapeutically for centuries and contains compounds shown to possess anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal (anti-dandruff), antimicrobial, antiparasitic and pain relieving activity. The aboriginal people of Australia have long been aware of the healing properties in the oil of the Tea Tree. Modern research has confirmed that Tea Tree oil possesses anti-fungal (anti-dandruff), anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain relieving) properties. Lavender oil has natural antiseptic, anti-itch, anti-dandruff and follicle stimulating properties and has been used for centuries as a hair loss remedy and hair growth stimulant.

Has a strong, menthol aroma of Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils. 100% vegan.

Directions: Part hair and spread a thin layer directly onto a clean, dry scalp to help control flakes and relieve dryness, tenderness and itching. Apply as often as needed. Apply to clean scalp with cornrows or locs and under weaves and wigs to help keep scalp healthy, nourished and fresh.

This product contains natural ingredients which may vary in color from batch to batch and darken to a pinkish hue. This is not indicative of a formula change and will not affect performance. For use by those 18 years or older.

Coconut (Cocos nucifera) Oil, Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) Oil, Lavender (Lavendula latifolia) Oil, Castor (Ricinus communis) Wax, Vitamin E (Mixed Tocopherols).

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Coleen A. (GA)

Excellent products. Great for my type 4 hair.

Dana D. (CA)
Tea tree and lavender

Great. Luv it

J. W.
The best product for your scalp!

I use this all the time for my daughters scalp care. The scent is amazing.

Diane M.
Tea Tree & Lavender Therapeutic Pomade

This product has improved my damaged gray hair. I wish you sold it in the 16 oz. size.

I love it

This product is one of the few that I've tried that soothes my itchy, flaky scalp. I apply it directly onto my scalp after washing and conditioning. I love the texture. It's like a light B&B hair grease from back in the day without whatever is in B&B hair grease that causes an allergic reaction. It doesn't make me breakout along my hairline or on my forehead either. I really appreciate the fragrance, too. It's so nice to have a black-owned hair product that smells botanical and not like candy. I rub the excess on my hands and elbows. I'm buying another for my friend!

Tea Tree & Lavender Therapeutic Pomade

One of the best products Ive ever used on my hair and scalp.

No more itchy scalp!

I can apply a small amount once or twice a week in a dry northeastern climate. And it smells wonderful

Godsend for the scalp!

Since I started using this, I don't know what dandruff is anymore. My scalp is healthier than ever.

Excellent for braids

My daughter's scalp under her braids can get itchy and sensitive at times and this pomade is very soothing, smells great, and works fantastically well!

Love this!

This product has helped me to get rid of my sore scalp. I normally get a little sore at my crown, but since I started using this, I have not experienced any soreness. It is also good for leaving hair defined and soft when doing twist out

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