Free Mini Policy & Restrictions

Please note that free minis cannot be added to recurrent Subscribe & Save orders.

Free minis may not be available during sales, special offers or other discounts. 

You may not be able to combine the free mini discount with other discounts.

To receive one free QB mini with a qualifying order, please select the mini product size (1/2 oz. - 1 oz.) from either a participating product page or from the popup on the shopping cart page

The cost of the one free mini will be automatically deducted at checkout so no coupon code is required. 

Please note that if you are adding a free mini to a qualifying order that includes a coupon code, the $8 deduction for the mini will be bundled with the coupon discount and appear in the discount section of your order summary, not on the order list.

Please note that to receive your free QB Mini, you must add it to your order, it will not be selected separately by us for you and added to your order later and it cannot be shipped separately to you after your order has shipped. Only one mini will be free when added to a qualifying order containing other products, including additional minis. Our free mini offer only applies to in-stock minis. If the mini option is grayed out, says 'sold out' on a category or product page or does not appear on the free mini popup, it is out of stock and you will not be able to add it to your order. Sold out minis cannot be sent to you separately when restocked. Once restocked, a previously unavailable mini cannot be added for free to a new order that already contains a free mini. If you have a problem adding a free mini to a qualifying order, please reach out to us at before your order ships. Our free mini offer does not apply to purchases made through other websites or retail partners.