The 3 Steps to Moisture

By Qhemet Biologics
Your beautiful kinks and coils soak up all the moisture you put in, especially if you have high porosity hair. Whether you're brushing your hair, creating a bomb twist-out or using another protective style, your natural hair needs to stay moisturized at all times. Dryness may stem from a lack of water, unhealthy diets, using low-quality products that contain drying ingredients to not sealing in moisture once it's applied. Naturals know that moisture is the key to length retention and achieving the best looks for your kinks and coils. Here are the 3 steps to keeping your hair lusciously hydrated at all times.

1. Hydration is the Key 

We don't know who came up with the idea that naturally curly women shouldn't use water or humectants as a moisturizer, but we are busting that myth right now! If water and/or a humectant isn't one of the ingredients in your conditioners or moisturizers then you're doing it wrong. It's okay though sis, we've got you covered!
Products like our Amla & Olive Heavy Cream contain rich, natural ingredients like olive and castor oils, water, glycerin and herbs to deposit intensive moisture and hydration into the driest hair. Now, water alone won't keep your hair as moisturized as it needs to be as water evaporates, so if you want those kinks to really pop you are going to have to seal the water in with an oil or butter. Remember that moisturizing also starts from the inside out. Drink tons of water to keep your hair moisturized too!

2. Creams and Oils for Sealing-In Moisture

After using a rich, water-containing conditioner like our heavy duty Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee or our lighter Moringa Tree Conditioning Ghee, you'll need to seal the moisture in or else your strands will become dry and tangled. I know what you're thinking...why should I seal moisture into my hair? Simply because water alone isn't heavy enough to keep the moisture in those curls. All natural hair queens want their crown to be juicy soft and shiny and the only way to achieve that is with a butter or oil (depending on your hair type). This method is sometimes referred to as the LOC method. L = Leave-in (water-based product), O = (oil) and C = cream.
Instead of being stuck on how others treat their hair, use different methods and see which ones work best for you. While your hair is still wet or damp after using one of our conditioners, apply a serum to your hair. Our Castor & Moringa Softening Serum is perfect for sealing moisture into high porosity hair. Lastly, make sure the moisture doesn't evaporate. Keep your hair soft and hydrated without the need to remoisturize by reinforcing the conditioner and serum with a heavy moisturizing cream like our Amla & Olive Heavy Cream or our lighter Burdock Root Butter Cream. Start from the ends and hydrate all of those coils. Remember, the ends of your hair are the most vulnerable, oldest pieces of hair so you need to keep them hydrated and protected. Before you say it, I know what you're thinking, what about us low porosity girls? Our Coconut & Green Tea Softening Serum is the perfect oil to lock moisture into those low porosity strands. Using the L.O.C. Method to layer the products in our Moisture Collections will keep your dry, thirsty tresses soft and supple for 24+ hours! 

3. Beware of the Following

Now that we've gone over the importance of using water-containing conditioners, creams, and butters/oils to seal everything in, we need to chat about the ingredients found in most curly girl products that cause more harm than good. Keep this list handy, screenshot it or write it down because these are the ingredients you won't find in Qhemet products and that you'll want to avoid:
SD alcohol
Isopropyl alcohol
Harsh cleansing agents like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)
Mineral/Petroleum/Petrolatum Oils
Look at the labels on some of the products in your stash right now. If these ingredients are listed anywhere on the labels, get rid of them. These ingredients aren't healthy for our hair let alone our body. Using natural ingredients that stem from the earth is the best bet for achieving a healthy, hydrated mane.

Your Hair is Ready to Flourish

Now that you have these tips, check out our Moisture Collections to begin your journey towards achieving that glistening crown of dewy soft moisture you've always craved!